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Cruisin' 92.1, WVLT is Cumberland County's #1 Oldies Station!
Cruisin' 92.1 people in Atlantic City
(Left to right) Pat Delsi, Charlie & Irene McCreery with Carl Hemple
Tuesday, June 10, 2003
Atlantic City, NJ
Cruisin' 92.1 people in Atlantic City
(Left to right) Pat Delsi, Doug Hibbs & Carl Hemple
Monday, June 9, 2003
Atlantic City, NJ
In early June, the New Jersey Broadcasters Association held its annual convention in Atlantic City. In was at that time that Clear Communications (owners of WVLT & WMIZ) President Charles McCreery became a member of the Board of Directors of the organization.

McCreery said that he wants to continue serving all of the Garden State as a member of the board with the same vigor he has with his two stations, WVLT and our sister station, WMIZ. Charlie's two stations are two of only a handful of Jersey broadcasters that continue to run free Public Service Announcements since the government's deregulation of the industry. McCreery stated: We must serve our community and be a vital part of it. I am proud that our two stations have done more than their part in helping South Jersey in being a better place for all.

Also in the pictures are WVLT's General Manager Carl Hemple and Mrs. McCreery, Irene. Doug Hibbs, whose father put WTEL on the air in Philadelphia in the twenties, is an Account Executive for WVLT and WMIZ. Pat Delsi is former President of the NJ Broadcasters Association, current President of the Philadelphia Press Association and Chairman of the Board of the Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia. Previously, Delsi owned WSSJ Radio in Camden. And thanks to Pat Delsi for e-mailing us the photos.