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6:00 am

The Friar

Hosted by The Friar

Lou Costello

10:00 am

Lou Costello

Hosted by Lou Costello

Johnny Midnight

2:00 pm

Johnny Midnight

Hosted by Johnny Midnight

Dan Sweeney's Web Pic.jpg

5:00 pm

Dan Sweeney's One Hit Wonders

Hosted by Dan Sweeney


6:00 pm

The Truth About Teeth

Hosted by Dr. Steve Rasner

Steve Tatz

7:00 pm

Get Over It

Hosted by Steve Tatz

Willie Shields.jpg

8:00 pm

1st Week Bob Romano

Hosted by Bob Romano

8:00 pm

2nd Week The Shields Report

Hosted by Willie Shields

8:00 pm

5th Week To Be Announced

Hosted by T.B.A.

8:00 pm

3rd Week What's Up?

Hosted by Larry Leonelli

8:00 pm

4th Week The Shields Report

Hosted by Willie Shields

Khalil the Entertainer Pic.jpg

9:00 pm

Khalil the Entertainer

Hosted by Khalil the Entertainer

Famous 56 Radio.jpg

11:00 pm - 6:00 am

Famous 56 Radio Overnight

Hosted by Tommy T.

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