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Valerie Morrison

Psychic Medium

377 Green Ln

Philadelphia, PA 19128



Valerie Morrison – Psychic Medium is Steve Tatz's Monthly Guest Psychic on Steve's Talk Radio Show "Get Over It" that broadcasts every Monday from 7 to 8 PM here on WVLT Cruisin' 92.1 FM Radio.


During Steve's Talk Radio Show, Listeners to Psychic Valerie Morrison can call in with their One Free Question about their concerns about their...

Job, Career & Finances / Love Relationships / Family & Children / Health or Illness / Departed Loved Ones (Unanswered Questions, Guilt Issues) / Legal Issues / Relocating / Business Decisions / and more.


For more information about Psychic Valerie Morrison and Steve's Radio Talk Show where you can get your Fortune Telling for Free when you call and ask your Free Psychic Question, Click Here



Valerie Morrison has been for years known amongst the best Psychics and the most trusted Psychic Mediums in the World substantiated with her many 5 Star Psychic Reviews

and being a regular in the Radio & Television Industry with Television Appearances with Maury Povich, Jerry Penacoli and many others to name a few.


She was also featured on the Court TV Hit Show “Psychic Detectives” that is Broadcast Nationally & World Wide and her “Psychic Detectives” Psychic Movies Episode

can be viewed here for those that care to watch it:

Valerie also has been interviewed in many prestigious Newspapers such as USA Today, on the Front Page of "The Philadelphia Daily News", Etc., Etc.




Valerie Morrison’s regular practice is providing Private Psychic Readings by Telephone or at her Office in Philadelphia

to her many clients which also include many Stars and Celebrities.


To Inquire about or to Schedule a Private Psychic Reading with Valerie at her Office or by Telephone,

Contact Valerie Morrison by Phone at 215-483-8881 or by Email at


Valerie's hope is that her Advice, Observations, and her Psychic Visions about you and your loved ones, together with her over 39 years of her Psychic Readings aka Fortune Telling experience,

will make Peace and Happiness always the greatest part of your life.

A Psychic Reading with Valerie will help you to know What to Expect and How to Deal with it.

Let Valerie help you Heal your Past, Cope with your Present and Explore your Future.


May your Future bring to you all the Joy your Heart can hold.


God Bless,


Valerie Morrison - Psychic Medium

377 Green Ln

Philadelphia, PA 19128


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