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Regarding the Coverage in PA

It has come to our attention that WEMQ 92.1 in Horsham, PA is now on the air broadcasting at full power. It is causing interference with our listeners in the Montgomery County and Northeast Philadelphia areas. I received quite a lot of complaints about this yesterday, some angry with us claiming that we did not feel these areas should be a part of our coverage area anymore. Nothing could be further from the truth and I wanted to make a public statement about this.

The areas affected by the new 92.1 signal are NOT part of our licensed coverage area, even though they have been able to receive our signal up until now. We appreciate our listeners from that area and the continued support and outcry to get our station, but it is out of our hands completely.

We are streaming online 24/7 at and on TuneIn Radio.

David M. Virgilio Production Director


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